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Jim Carney Cancer Centre - Header Image

Jim Carney Cancer Centre

This building is a community funded, purpose built, oncology unit, with scope for future expansion.

Our involvement with the Northland Community Foundation’s Project Promise began in 2010 providing geo-technical engineering advice for the proposed siting for the new Cancer Treatment Centre.

From early on we worked with the user group and the design team, providing structural and civil engineering advice, including site design, retaining walls and car-parking strategy.  We then took over the architectural design from Fitness Fleming Architects and carried the project through to final completion, which involved working with additional services consultants.

Interior design was provided by our in-house interior designer.  The exterior colour scheme was developed to work in with the existing Northland District Health Board schemes, while internally, soothing colours were utilised, with contrasts out-lining different areas for ease of patient navigation.

As the project was largely community funded we were contracted to provide suitable rendered images to assist in fund-raising campaigns as well as the associated newspaper articles.

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