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Quarry Garden

In the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle in February 2023, Hawthorn Geddes engineers & architects ltd were promptly engaged by the Whangārei District Council to provide our expertise in assessing the public safety of the Whangarei Quarry Gardens.  Through diligent geotechnical assessment and monitoring, we evaluated imminent and residual risks, enabling safe pedestrian access throughout the gardens.

Our team conducted thorough geotechnical assessments, identifying areas of concern, and implementing measures to mitigate identified risks, as far as practical.  This assessment formed the foundation for our ongoing collaboration with the Whangarei District Council to ensure the safety of all visitors to the gardens.

Central to our efforts was the replacement of two pedestrian bridges within the gardens. The larger of the two bridges was essential for both pedestrian and golf cart access.  This was reconstructed using re-purposed materials, by salvaging three beams from a bridge in Pokapu Road, Moerewa, otherwise slated for demolition.  Pragmatic engineering solutions and out-the-box thinking allowed us, to provide a cost-effective solution, that also contributed to waste reduction and environmental sustainability.

The second bridge, spanning the lake spillway, was similarly re-purposed from post-tensioned concrete beams provided by local business Barfoote Construction.  These beams, deemed unsuitable for their original purpose, were given new life, enhancing accessibility to the serene lake area while minimising waste and costs.

We extend our gratitude to Barfoote Construction for their invaluable assistance in providing and constructing the two concrete bridges.  Their support enabled us to efficiently complete the projects, further emphasising the importance of local collaboration in achieving community-driven initiatives.

Hawthorn Geddes remains dedicated to working alongside the Whangārei Quarry Gardens and the Whangārei District Council to monitor and address ongoing landslide activity.  Our collective efforts ensure the continued safety and enjoyment of the Gardens for all members of the community.  We are proud to have played a role in enhancing the resilience and accessibility of the Whangarei Quarry Gardens.  Through innovative engineering solutions, sustainable practices, and collaborative partnerships, we strive to create lasting positive impacts on our communities and environment.

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