About us

  Our Approach

  Hawthorn Geddes engineers & architects ltd uses the following methodologies:
Integral Approach

Being able to access most of the services that you require from one organisation has some distinct advantages for
the client:
Engineers and architects are able to work together right from the start of a project  to produce the best design which meets all the architectural and
structural requirements. 
Saving on professional fees as the integrated approach cuts down on duplication of work between the architects and the engineers.
The production of more economic structures by considering the structural potential
Appropriate Solutions

The underlying philosophy behind our practice is to produce "Appropriate Solutions" for each project. All projects
are different and have differing criteria that must be met in terms of functionality, aesthetics and financially.
This approach ensures that all our work will produce a solution which has had its appropriateness tested against
these criteria. For example, the solution for a factory building will not be apropriate for a high quality
apartment complex. We recognise this
The Economic Reality of Property Ownership

The key point Hawthorn Geddes engineers & architects ltd understands is most of our clients own property for profit. Whether it is building to house
a client's factory, a subdivision to be on-sold, a building developed to be leased out or even a speculative housing or an apartment development,
we are acutely aware of this. We pride ourselves on being able to add value to these projects by applying our knowledge and expertise to maximise
the return on investments. By getting us involved at the feasibility stage of the project we can assist in establishing the overall viability decisions that
will carry through the project are correct from the start.